Pick Your Perfect Wedding Color

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Having the wedding of your dreams has a lot of components to make it come true. But with all the fuss and the requirements that you have to plan, where do you start?

One good place to start is to think about how you want your wedding vibe to be, after you decide about that, then choosing your wedding colors will be next. It’s not that complicated, you can start with simple vibes, like lively or subtle? If you choose subtle, then all the bright and lively colors in the color wheel is now removed.

Here are some considerations that can help you decide on your wedding color.



I’d like to think that you have a venue in mind now. Once the booking is final, you have to consider your venue’s colors. Look at their carpet, drapes, and other decorations. Are they all in strong and dark colors? If they are, then it may be smart to let go of your previous subtle color scheme, or find a new venue with a more neutral decorations. Unfortunately, you can’t pull off a subtle-themed wedding in a venue with strong and dark colors.



Of course, you have your favorite flower. If you are having a hard time deciding what color your wedding should have, then you can start by considering your favorite flower. Once you have the flower chosen, you can match your wedding in the available colors of the flower.

For example, if you want roses on your wedding then the obvious color choices would only be red, white or pink. You can either choose to go by those colors or you can pick something in contrast to them. If you really like roses but you don’t want to stick with the colors that they come in, then you can opt for sprayed roses, or you can mix other flowers just to add some colors.


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Another way to choose you wedding colors is to consider your bridesmaids. Would you like them to wear white like you? Or would you like them to wear the same hue as your wedding color? If you do, then it might help if you consider what is a great color for their dress and compliment it with the color of the whole wedding. Would like to have them dressed up in all the same colors? Or would you like theme wearing different pastel shades? Picture your bridesmaids on your wedding, what would you have them wear?


These are some points to consider when choosing you wedding color. But remember, whatever color you choose, you must choose from the heart. Because once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding and not regret anything later.

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